Live Casino Dealers Take 메이저놀이터 Online Gambling

Today, six states, mostly in the northeast, allow for online casino games like 메이저놀이터 blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. One of the new entrants into the market is Playtech. (card beeping) (door clicking) So the security in this building seems pretty high.

Why is that? – Yeah. Security is the priority here. – I sat down with Playtech’s managing director for Live Casino, Edo Haitin. So we’re sitting here in an office building in Southfield, Michigan but all around us, it looks like a casino.

So where are we right now? – So we are in Michigan. We cannot say the actual address. This is one of our studios. It looks like a casino but it’s not. No gambling activities is happening here within the facility.

Here basically, we operate the games, train the dealers, and make the whole full-blown product. – Playtech is a gambling technology company that offers live dealing where dealers flip cards and spin roulette wheels in front of cameras for gamblers at home on their phones.

So if I’m in Michigan, I can open an app and bet on one of the games happening here. – Correct, correct. Not far away from us, live games are being operated now. – Why develop a whole live studio? Why not just have animated games on an app that someone can gamble on? – Around 13, 14 years ago already, we started to establish sort of a side gig to our regular casino games, which were live casino games streamed.

People could sit at the table and also bet with a live dealer. – You’re one step closer to that 1,000 golden pool. Okay, here we go. – Then the players started piling up more and more into those tables because the experience that you give is as close as you can get to a land-based casino experience.

Also, it takes away that sort of loneliness element when you sit at your home and bet alone. (ball spinning) – [Katherine] Although Playtech is a big player in 메이저놀이터 online with bitcoin gambling, gamblers themselves might not necessarily be familiar with the name.

That’s because a big part of Playtech’s business is providing various online 메이저놀이터 gaming products to a variety of licensed companies around the world. – Welcome to our Sports Bar studio. Our Sports Bar strategy is bringing some of the sportsbook players, and some of the sports fans, and allowing them to interact with sports events while they also play our games.

So here you can see cash-back blackjack. That’s a scalable version of a blackjack table that allows an unlimited about of players to sit at the same table playing blackjack. This is part of our training module to eventually get our presenters, and our dealers when they go live with a certain experience to know what is the script without having a script.

– And gamblers online, actually can create a relationship. – Yeah, that’s the community aspect that is making life unique. – Online 메이저놀이터 casino betting is a small but growing industry in the US that many gambling companies hope will become increasingly legalized in much the same way mobile sports betting already has been in many states.

In the US, the biggest online casino market is in New Jersey. This graph charts the steady increase in revenue seen by Garden State since 2017. I see a big red button. What’s going on here? This is Buffalo Blitz Live.

Buffalo Blitz is a slot concept that allows multiple players to sit and play on the same slot and allows you to interact with the dealer, allowing you to interact with other players on the chat. – Although the expansion of legal gambling generates significant tax revenue for states, problem gambling advocates are concerned about a potential rise in addiction.

So when you talk about 24/7 availability at home, how do you address gambling addiction? – Already the websites that we work with, are also complying with regulations that apply to them, and a player cannot bet more than he can, and cannot deposit more than he’s allowed.

We have functions that are called hosts, gaming hosts, people that are actually on the floor, not dealing the tables and if we see if somebody’s betting over his abilities, we have a way that our system can flag those players.

This is far away from being a hit-and-run operation. – Casinos in Las Vegas and around the world shut down when the pandemic began, leaving gamblers searching for options at home. In recent months, tourists have flocked back but casino operators acknowledge that online betting is here to stay.

So does that mean casinos in real life are going away? – Absolutely not. First of all, we are their extension to the 메이저놀이터 slot online, so a lot of our licensees, and clients are land-based casinos that want to extend their business and move to online.

And no matter how great the experience that we wanna give here, it’s still an 메이저놀이터 online experience. I think that the land-based experience gives a completely different value. (ball spinning) – [Katherine] The arrival of life dealing in the US comes amid a transformation for the gambling industry.

In recent years, more and more states are embracing new forms of betting as a lucrative source of tax revenue. But with the recent surge in gambling ads and the 24/7 availability of wagering at home, questions remain about the long-term impact on Americans.